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We have now introduced a small selection of books on pipes & tobacco.
For all smoked who are seriously about their pipe smoking a good library is indispensable.

Note: This is a big book and weighs 3.5 lbs (1.8 kg's). It has over 400 color illustrations. Any orders outside of the USA shipping will cost $ 22.00 Canada overseas's $ 47.00

The history of modern Scandinavian pipe-making started in Denmark in the middle of the last century. The evolution since has been amazing and is something of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Andersson has had the privilege to follow this evolution for several decades and has met most of the pipemakers involved in it. In this extensively illustrated book, he masterfully weaves the stories of more than 50 pipemakers, some old and experienced, others quite new to the trade. From the Ivarsson Family to Bo Nordh to Jess Chonowitsch to Tom Eltang, Andersson tells the story of each craftsman knowingly and with great admiration. Jan has effectively catalogued the modern-day history of a movement of pipemakers from a distinct geography that which has contributed so much to the well-being of pipemen everywhere good taste prevails, be he a collector or, indeed, of that rarefied breed known today, quaintly as the pipe-smoker. With Andersson's colorful portrayal of these craftsmen, their enthusiasm and creativity is indicative that the evolution of exquisite Scandinavian pipe-making may yet carry forward on to the next century. With an introduction by Rick Newcombe. Order your copy today! $65








"About Smoke" Gifts Edition 1923 is a joy to browse through. For today's man perusing the relaxed meditations of an early 20th century Dunhill customer is a journey into the great age of pipe dom and its more gentile pace. For the more intellectually inclined, there's much to be learned regarding early 20th century pipes, pipe smoking, and accessories both from "About Smoke", and the included Great War booklet of 1914 "Things the Soldiers are Asking For!".



About Smoke

The ultimate smoker's catalog from the most famous pipeman's address, 30 Duke Street, London. Included is a never-before-seen article written by Alfred himself on how he built the business.
Never again will such a story of merchandise be told as in this 190-page book 1928 catalogue of pipes, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and smoker's requisites. A masterpiece defining the great age of pipe smoking. Reprint.
New edition with 16 of the original plates in color.

$ 65.00


The Ultimate Pipe Book - by Richard Carlton Hacker - This is a rare book to find in brand VG condition.

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