B*lbo by Castello

New Pipes: B*lbo by Castello
CB 5 - The B*lbo by Castello. Grade "Sea Rock" pipe # 30 twin stem Black. This marks the return of the B*lbo after 6 years out of production. Each pipe comes with two stems a regular and a long & is individually numbered - part of a limited edition of 100. The cast silver ring is in Elvish and reads B*lbo L*TR. Whether you are a fan of the books or not this is unique pipe with a stunning cast silver band. Made by Castello, exclusive to pipes2smoke. Each pipe has the normal Castello stampings. Extraordinary comfortable to hold.
$ 525.00

Pipe with long shank directly above. Right side view.

With longer stem pipes overall height is 6" (152mm).
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L = 4", Pipe H = 5", Bowl H = 2 1/4" Depth = 1 7/8", I.B.dia. = 13/16", W = 2.3 oz's,
L = 11 mm, Pipe H = 127mm, Bowl H = 57 mm, Depth = 48 mm, I.B.dia. = 20 mm, W = 65 gms,
$ 525.00

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New Pipes: B*lbo by Castello
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