Kurt Balleby

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"Pipes are my passion. I love to make pipes, and I seek to create the perfect pipe every time. The perfect pipe for me is a pipe that has the right proportions, so that nothing disturbs your eyes. It must be light, not too much wood but just enough to smoke well. Finish is of course a vital issue, it must be warm and with contrast so you can enjoy the grain. Mouthpieces are also important. What I prefer is a slim mouthpiece with a saddle, short or longer, and a bit that is 3.7- 3.8 mm. thick. I make about 80 pipes a year. My production has gone down over the last 4-5 years, but in the same time the quality of my pipes has gone up. The main reason for my improvement is that 4 years ago I stopped working with the sanding band and switched to hand sanding. This enables me to make more detailed models and with a much better finish. I also select my wood (mostly Italian) from the highest quality blocks and the ebonite is of the highest grade the same used for clarinets." Kurt Balleby

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Balleby Grading:

Group 2 $ 600.00 - $ 750.00
Grade 3 $ 775.00 - $ 975.00
Grade 4 $ 1,000.00 - 1,100.00

Group 5 $ 975.00 - $ 1,250.00
Group 0 $ 1,250.00 - $ 1,400.00
Group 00 $ 1,500.00 +

  Balleby # 1 Grade 00 SOLD

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