Steffen Muller

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Steffen Muller made his first pipe in 2009 from black walnut. During that year four other pipes followed. In 2010 he sold his first pipe and began making pipes seriously. A very important to mentor to him was Roger Wallenstein. Later he learnt from Bertram Safferling, Reiner Barbi & Frank Axmacher amongst others. In 2011 he went to his first Chicago Pipe Show and sold out. Since then every pipe he make is sold either in Germany or the USA.

Artistic expression is Steffen's metier. He initially worked as a civil engineer, workshop designer & frequently has photographic and illustrator assignments, so making pipes is a continuation of his artist endeavors. Steffen's has a very individual approach to pipe making. He thinks not only of shape and form but sound & color when starting pipe. If the total harmonic experience is interesting then the pipe is good. Unusually he use the lathe only for drilling. All shaping is done by hand. Similar to how Kurt Balleby works. In 2012 Steffen won "Pipe of the Year Award" in Germany. He make no more than 40 pipes a year.

All stems are hand made from Vulcanite, Cumberland or amber. To own a Steffen Muller pipe is to is to acquire a pipe of the finest German craftsmanship. Every pipe below is made from Corsican briar that has been aged for a minimum of 30 years.

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