Northern Briars
Classic English pipes

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Northern Briars Hand Made by Ian Walker - The History of Northern Briars

Northern Briars Pipes
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Unsolicted Smokers Comments.

I have been buying pipes from Pipes2Smoke for a long time, normally Ferndown and Ashton & an occasional Ser Jacopo. While I have looked at Maxim's offerings of the Northern Briars, I did not see a one that "talked" to me until a Rox cut billiard with military stem caught my eye. I subjected this Northern Briars to my "acid test" - Escudo - the sweet Virginia came through on the first puff. I have several of these, and they are superb Virginia smokers. Leon G. N.C.

What first drew, and continues to draw, me to Mr. Walker's Northern Briars pipes is their delightful balance of whimsy and classical English sensibilities. This balance is most clearly displayed in Mr. Walker's excellent renderings of the Countryman and Sea Urchin shapes, but I find it in nearly every pipe he makes. His pipes are at once distinct in their artistic interpretation and reassuringly traditional. To my mind, Northern Briars pipes carry on the fine tradition of carvers like Horace Jameson. That Mr. Walker hand crafts his pipes on an English canal boat only adds to the romantic pedigree of his work. Adam B. TN

Northern Briars # 3 Regal

$ 165.75

Northern Briars # 4 Regal

$ 165.75

Northern Briars # 8 Sandblast

$ 178.50

Northern Briars # 9 Regal Quaint

$ 210.00

Northern Briars # 10 Premier Helix
$ 250.00

Northern Briars # 11 Rox Cut S/B
$ 245.00

Northern Briars # 12 Quaint Sandblast

$ 215.00

Northern Briars # 13 Sandblast

$ 225.00

Northern Briars # 14 Premier GR 4

$ 225.00

Northern Briars # 16 Rox Cut
$ 225.25

Northern Briars # 19 Rox Cut S/B
$ 208.25

Grading: Northern Briars pipes are in the British tradition of the being graded according to the finish.

Rox Cut - A rustication similar to Castello's Sea Rock.
Rox Cut Regal - a dark Black/Burgundy stain
Rox Cut Premier - a light tan - no flaws. To be stained tan it means the briar must have no flaws
otherwise it won't take the stain evenly.
Smooth Regal - light natural with a few sandpits
Smooth Premier - excellent wood.
Stampings: "Northern Briars, Made in England" and either "Premier, Regal or Rox Cut"

Northern Briars Pipes

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