Parker COLLECTION 1930-1962

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In the early 1920's the Parker Pipe Co Limited was formed by Alfred Dunhill. In 1946 the Dunhill pipe factory in Notting Hill was moved to Cumberland Road, E13, and in the same year the entire ordinary share capital of Hardcastle Pipes Limited was obtained. It was not, however, until 1967 that Parker Hardcastle Limited was formed, incorporating the Masta Patent Pipe Company. Further acquisitions were made in 1962 with the purchase of F Charatan & Son Limited, and Ben Wade (London & Leeds) Limited in 1965. After 1965 Parker Pipes was relegated by Dunhill as a secondary brand and that marked the beginning of the end for the legendary Parker brand as a first rank make.
Dating Parkers: Prior to Word War II, the possessive PARKER'S stamp was used. However, at least some pipes were stamped with the non-possessive as early as 1936. Like Dunhill, Parker pipes are date stamped, but differently than Dunhill. The Parker date code always followed the MADE IN LONDON over ENGLAND stamping. The first year's pipes (1923) had no date code; from 1924 on it ran consecutively from 1 to 19. There is no indication of a date code for the war years. Parker was not a government approved pipe manufacturer, while Dunhill and Hardcastle were. During the war years Parker manufactured the "Wunup" pipe made of bakelite and clay. A Parker pipe with a 19 date code has been reported, indicating there was perhaps some production of briar pipes as well, but no dating record. From 1945 through 1949 the Parker date code runs from 20 to 24 and from 1950 through 1957 it runs from an underlined and raised 0 to an underlined and raised 7.

We have been fortunate enough to obtain many pre 1952 Parkers from a major collection. All of these are estate pre smoked pipes that we have sanitized & restored. The best part is all these rare pipes were very lightly used. More will be added to the page/site as fast as we can date & restore them.

Parker Pipe # 1 Pre 1963
Parker Pipe # 4 Pre 1963   SOLD
Parker Pipe Select Code 831 Pre 1952 # 10 SOLD
Length = 7 1/2" ( 190mm)

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