Regina Scarlatta Pipes

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Following his passion for pipe making and after his apprenticeship with Franco Rossi (Il Ceppo), Cristian Galeazzi created Regina Scarlatta. The brand is rooted in the traditional Pesaro school of pipe making from which Galeazzi developed his own personal design and artistic touch. Each Regina Scarlatta pipe is completely handcrafted using the finest Italian and European materials and the highest standard of craftsmanship. Each pipe is unique and entirely handmade by Cristian Galeazzi. All mouthpieces are hand cut Lucite. Attention to detail, sophisticated design and high quality make Regina Scarlatta pipes elegant and pipes that smoke in the best of ways. All pipes are smooth natural inside the bowls.

To my eye his pipes remind me of nothing so much as Castello's. Classics with an Italianate style. Cristian makes just 200 pipes a year most of which are sold in Italy. We are extremely pleased to be his first North American dealer.

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Regina Scarlatta # 1
$ 355.00 $ 285.00 $ 230.00
Regina Scarlatta Light Natural # 2
$ 295.00 $ 236.00
$ 192.00
Regina Scarlatta Sandblast # 3
$ 275.00$ 220.00
 $ 178.00 
Regina Scarlatta Walnut # 4
$ 255.00$ 204.00
 $ 165.00 
Regina Scarlatta Sandblast # 7
$ 295.00 $ 236.00
 $ 192.00
Regina Scarlatta Sandblast # 9
$ 275.00 $ 220.00
 $ 178.00
Grading: Smooth's are graded 1 Crown - 5 Crown depending on Grain.

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