George Boyadjiev

George Boyadjiev lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2004 he took up pipe making as a hobby with the normal pre bored blocks etc. After much learning and mistakes he gradual switched over to being a full time pipe maker.

He uses the older method of shaping before drilling as he did not have the right tools when he began. This became his preferred way of working. He finds it gives him more freedom to follow the grain and change the shape to suit the grain, (where possible). 

He uses Italian briar & sorts the blocks carefully, often reserving a few for a special pipe. His blocks he additionally ages - some for 3-4 years more. All stems are hand cut from German Vulcanite or occasionally Acrylic.

He makes between 125-175 pipes a year, mostly smooth, his favorite finish. His pipes are well regarded in Europe, particularly in the demanding German market.