Kai Nielsen

Kai Nielsen, was born in 1951 in Vordingorg, Denmark, and is the legendary Viggo's Nielsen’s eldest son. In 1972, after apprenticing under his father for 5 years, at the age of 21, Kai began working as full time pipe maker. In 1978, Kai and Viggo started working together in a studio, on the island of Fyn, and continued until Viggo died. This is where Kai continues. He now makes 200 - 250 pipes a year. Their size varies depending on the block. Kai's best grade smooth's are stamped Jewel of Denmark, and graded A-D & a few have the additional stamping S.G. (Straight Grain). Continuing the family tradition Kai uses multi year air cured Corsican briar & every pipe has a hand cut Ebonite, Cumberland and occasionally acrylic for his stems. Kai's workshop is in a semi-rural district on the outskirts of Faaborg.

- 30%