Nate King

Nate King is a young American pipe maker, hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, & now living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Auto racing was an his first passion. In 1997 he began working with pit crews at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 2007 Nate shifted to working on aircraft. It appealed to his love of precision engineering. Aircraft as finely-tuned race cars, require perfection in design and construction. Drawn to the fusion of design and form it carried over to pipe making that he began in 2007 working from kits - the year he started smoking a pipe. His attraction to the classic styles, was due to their fit and finish combined with form. 

His interest steadily grew from tinkering with pre-drilled pipe kits, to creating his own functional expressions. He started working with shaped raw blocks of briar and raw rods for stems and metals for other adornments. He only works with the best quality materials. He benefits from his background in precisions machining, and utilizes distinctive accents such as titanium (a material he worked with on race cars and aircraft), Nate King's pipes are becoming sought after in the collecting world.