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Castello pipes were started by Carlo Scotti in 1947, in Cantu,Italy. He defined the modern neo-classical Italian pipe and established the Castello pipe as the mark of quality. Castello pipes would take Carlo Scotti from a tiny artisan studio and anonymity, to a state of the art production facility and the top of the pipe world. Every Castello pipe is completely handmade, from start to finish, from the finest available briar and has a hand cut Lucite stem. Castello is the only large artisanal pipemaker who ages its briar for at least 10 years. The Castello pipe considered by many smokers to be the world's most consistent smoking pipe.

Castello Grading:
Sea Rock, Old Antiquari and Vergin - the K's and G's refer to the size. The more K's the bigger the pipe and  if bigger then it's a G.
All Smooth Grades' - Trademark, "Castello", Collection etc. In smooth the K's and G's refer to the grain quality, (except is certain shapes),  to do with the size.

The quality of the briar is the same whatever the finish or grade.

Castello Shape Guide