Estates Purchasing & Trade-In

Estates: Our Purchasing Policy

If you have pipes that you don’t smoke anymore, shapes you no longer care for, some other pipe on our site that talks to you; pipes2smoke is the place to sell or trade in your no longer smoked or unwanted pieces.

Sell us your pipes or trade some in. Just send us the pipes you don't smoke or want anymore, and we'll check each each one & offer cash values [check] or store credit. An easy way to change and/or add to your collection!

We purchase pipes for 30-45% of the price we expect to sell the pipe for. This evaluation is based on the pipes’ condition and factors like demand and appeal. Excepting low-value estate pipes that sell for less than $ 75.00. We have fixed costs for restoring and listing pipes and have to turn down any briars and Meerschaums that we value at  $ 50 or less. Between $ 50 and $ 75, we use a variable percentage contingent on the price of the pipe. Above $ 75, the regular percentages apply,  (typically 35-45% for cash or 55% for trade in).

A Note On Repaired Pipes:

We rarely accept pipes that need repair. There are exceptions so kindly ask us first before sending.

Our Estate Pipe Trade Policy

Our policy on accepting trades towards pipes and other merchandise we offer at is the same as the above and we typically offer a higher percentage in trade credit — around 55% - a very popular choice. The majority of the estate pipes we offer came to us as trades. For pipes with low values we use the sliding percentages mentioned.

Replying To Our Estate Evaluation

When you send us pipes for store credit or purchase, we properly evaluate and check each piece. Once our evaluation is done, we'll send you our calculated values before going further. Once we've emailed our offer, you may choose to:

  1. Have your pipes returned at no cost (US & Canada only).
  2. Have the trade credit applied to a purchase, immediate or later.
  3. Ask for a company check to be mailed to your chosen address

PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to refuse any items for purchase for any reason —including but not limited to poor condition (cracked, broken, excessive alterations, missing pieces, etc.). We will not purchase pipes with ivory or other at risk materials. We do not negotiate the pipe(s) values after we valued them, except in situations where we may have erred.

If you would like to have us evaluate your estate pipes for trade or cash value, please send them to:
377 Ridelle Ave # 1721
Toronto, ON
M6B1K2 Canada

Ship by USPS only with tracking. Declare as USED PIPES SENT FOR REPAIR.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us or call us at 888 782-1410.