Commonweal - The Last Ever

COMMONWEAL PIPES: - To celebrate our 20 years in the pipe world we decided, to bring out a continuing high grade brand of traditional English pipes. Every Commonweal pipe is totally handmade and the collaboration of three pipe makers; Les Wood, Michael Parks, stems done by Charles Lemon.

Production has been limited to under 35 pipes a year. These are the last 6 of 12. Then that will be the absolute final ones made.

These follow on our earlier Ferndown-Premier pipes collaboration. After Les' Wood retired we obtained his hand picked blocks, he turned & aged for 20 years+. Michael Parks, guided all production aspects to meet his high standards. After stemming Michael did the blasting, staining and finishing. Charles Lemon hand cut each Vulcanite stem on all the current pipes on offer. These are equal to the best of Dunhill stems from "back when". Partially because they were made from Dunhill rod.

Every Commonweal pipe is an excellent value with its’ high quality & unique provenance. 

These are the last five Commonweal that will ever be made. When these are gone there will be no more. 

Canada - UK 2024 (p2s) AG - sterling silver symbol  X - for large.