Kolyo Demirev

Kolyo lives Kazanlak, Bulgaria about 135 miles (220 km) from the capital Sofia. For 8 years he lived in Prague, Czech Republic working as an electrician. Then he and a friend decided to buy a small tobacco shop in Prague & begin pipe making. He was smitten. As he puts it “everything was like a magic. It was just a hobby”. Kolyo bought some briar blocks and began to ask questions and learn from other pipe makers. He watched videos on the craft and started trying to make some pipe shapes in 2011. 

His knowledge improved as did his skills. Within a few years he began selling his pipes. Then he moved back to Bulgaria and became a full-time pipe maker.

His style is very much Mitteleuropa style. Influenced by the Danes & Germans.Looking and handling his pipes one would think he has been doing this for a couple of decades. When you run your finger over a pipe there is no shank/stem seam you can feel. He uses Grade A German ebonite and Italian briar.

This group is the first I have seen physically. They stunned me by their quality & execution, besides their excellent pricing. N.B. All his pipes have a normal sized I.B.Dia. 13/16" (20mm), even the small ones.