Nate Rose

Nate Rose started making pipes as a hobby around 5 years ago. It rapidly became a calling. About 2-3 years ago a customer suggested I look up his pipes. I did, periodically, and saw they were steadily improving. I had never met him or knew where he lived. 

When Michael Parks and I started working on the idea of Commonweal Pipes in 2020, we knew we needed another team member. Michael knew Nate somewhat and that he really wanted to learn more and expand his skills. We met; it was a go. He would do the stems and did them to a rare standard.

Nate has a good grasp of his materials & the drilling is spot on, finishes are rusticated or sandblast and the stems are hand cut Lucite or German Vulcanite.  He is of the up and coming contemporary 21st C generation of pipe makers. I have no hesitation in recommending & offering Nate Rose pipes.