Northern Briars "Swan' # 10


Ian's take on the classic British 'swan neck', LC. A shape was originally created by Dunhill in the late 1920's. Copied later by other UK makers. Dunhill made few from the 1940s - 1960's. In the 70's they made some variants not quite the same. Shortly thereafter they ceased to exist. Too difficult to make in any volume on an assembly line. The shape was rediscovered in the early aughts by a number of different artisan makers, each with their own take on it. Some made it as a small pipe and some as an ELX. It works far better with a bit more body the swoop of the neck is clearly seen. This group 4 is just right before one gets into ELX or larger. 

Measurements & Details:

Length: 5 1/2" / 140 mm

Bowl Height: 2 3/8"/ 61 mm

Bowl Depth:  1 7/8" / 48 mm

I.B.Dia: 13/16" / 20 mm

O.B.Dia: 1 1/2" / 38 mm

Weight: 2.30 oz / 67 gm

Stem: Vulcanite

Filter: None

Finish: Rox Cut (GR4)

Country: England