Peter Matzhold

Peter Matzhold trained & worked as an architect in Graz, Austria, for several years. Simultaneously, he began to make a few pipes for himself. On a visit to Basel, Switzerland, a gallery owner,  convinced, Peter, to display some of his pieces. Surprised by his success, he decided to see if he could make a living from his hobby.

It was the right decision. Peter says that in architecture, he spent 10% of his time working, and 90% of it arguing, in pipe making it was somewhat reversed, and only 10% of the time was wasted.

Peter's is an entirely self-taught pipe maker. His architectural training had taught him about the proportions & relations of mass, volume and their visual aspects. All that applies to pipe making as well.

He sticks to his concept of proper pipe design; all pipes must have excellent (straight or cross) grain, no fills ever and form follows function lines. Matzhold pipes are really miniature architectural pieces.