Scottie Piersel

Pipe makers come to the calling from architecture, metal work, design or being pipe smokers. Scottie came to it from initially buying a pipe making  kit to create a gift for her husband. When she hand made that first one she knew she wanted to make more. The internet, as for many  younger makers, was a primary  school, as was help from Kansas City maker Quinton Wells. Scottie has been developing her skills for a few years. 

Scottie's pipes exhibit a fine fusion of function and design. She firmly believes a pipe should not only smoke well but also delight the eye; and her pipes do both. She has also solved a problem with smaller pipes. They have smaller stems with less thickness so it is very easy to chomp the stem accidently or teeth score it. Scottie widens the stem at then button so it spreads the pressure over larger area making the stem more durable. Plus she does it proportionately showing her eye for the details of her craft.

 Gallery of Scottie Piersel Pipes