Ser Jacopo

Giancarlo Guidi was the key driving force in creating what we call the Pesaro school of pipe making. He studied Applied Arts, at the Ferruccio Mengaroni Art Institute that insured Pesaro’s artistic traditions and knowledge continued.

In 1971 Giancarlo cofounded Mastro de Paja, he was 26 years old. Ten years later after creative differences with his partners he left and founded Ser Jacopo. With his immense talent he quickly established Ser Jacopo as the avant-garde of Italian pipemaking. He not only developed an astonishing variety of shapes, many inspired from paintings, Miro, Picasso, etc. , new banding and other adornment ideas: he also was quick to recognize and encourage new talent. There is probably not a pipe maker in Pesaro who hasn’t worked and learnt at Ser Jacopo, many of whom later went on their own.

I was fortunate to work with him on developing few new shapes I had in mind. Collaborating with Giancarlo was a great experience. He could be stubborn, charming, enthusiastic often all at the same time. We sometimes disagreed and generally he was right. What he could do and create from a suggestion or rough sketch was astonishing.

I think he was the most innovative post war pipe maker in Italy. Since his death in 2012 Ser Jacopo continues not just to carry on his ideas but follows his legacy of creating new shapes. We are so pleased to be back working them after an absence of a few years since his death. All credit for the continuation of Ser Jacopo belongs to Maurizio Faternale the current owner. Maxim

Ser Jacopo Pipe Grading:
R1: Rusticated, dark brown or plum
R2: Rusticated, light brown finish. S:   Sandblast, black 
S1: Sandblast, dark brown 
S2: Sandblast, light brown
S3: Sandblast, tan shell
L: Smooth, red, 
L1: Smooth, flame grain, Color Walnut or Light Natural
L2: Smooth, straight grain,
Gem Line - straight grains