Sergey Senatorov

Sergey Senatorov is relatively new to the pipe making world. He live sin the old Hanseatic German trading city of Riga, Latvia. He started just a few years ago as the apprentice of Victor Yashtylov. Sergey is just in his mid twenties and has progressed rapidly, we can easily expect him to be one of the rising stars of the next generation. . His pipes have the meticulousness of any 1st grade pipe maker with a fresh approach to shapes. His pipes do show the influence of both the new generation of German pipes fused with the that of the Russians. Not surprising as living in Latvia a country that has long been half way culturally between German and Russian influences.

What I find interesting about Sergey's pipe is that so many of his shapes fuse the flow of line with the angular in a smooth transition, often incorporating asymmetrical design. Leading to some very fresh original pieces. Each pipes is superbly crafted & finished and are definitely in the North Baltic school of pipe making. He uses top quality Italian briar and German ebonite rods. The stem work is exceptionally fine. Each pipe is totally hand made. I have no hesitation in recommending these pipes to any discriminating smoker.