Abi Natur Info

Abi Natur - was born in 1970 and has lived all over the Eastern Mediterranean. He originally started his working career as a sculptor. In his own words " The island of Rhodes in Greece had also a great influence regarding my creative work during the year 2000 while i was working and living there. My experiences in sculpturing stone, mosaics and engravings made then a full circle into reviving the freehand pipe through my inspiration, ambition and memories."

"Canaan pipes are made from the highest quality materials and without the use of a wood lathe. I carve freehand pipes out of the best available Plateau-Bruyère and olive wood. The mouthpiece is hand cut in one piece including the tenon using finest German ebonite, Cumberland, or lucite rods stock .The finished pipes are triple waxed with carnauba wax and come with in a sleeve.

Pipe carving is a subtle art that reflects the pipe makers personality fully in his work. Every single pipe out of my Workshop is technically as a smoking instrument brought to the ” level”, providing you with a smoking experiences as it is meant to be. The idea of a deeper creativity should also be delivered through the pipe. I compose in such a manner that it appeals to the observing eye as much as to the hand."

Abi's main market for his pipes is Germany where he won the Pfeiffen macher (pipemaker) Design and Shape awards in July 2011. These are extremely distinguished awards in Germany where pipe making is treated as an art.

We at pipe2smoke are extremely pleased to be able to offer these pipes to the world pipe community. I am sure you will be well pleased by the superb design and excellent smoking qualities of Abi's pipes. All stems are hand made from German Ebonite, Cumberland or Lucite. To own a Abi Natur pipe is to is to acquire a work of art.

Abi makes around 60 pipes a year as a full time pipe carver. His pipes are sold in Germany, Spain, Taiwan & now are available in the USA & Canada.Interestingly Abi names his pipe shapes which is probably approbate considering how diverse his pipe shapes are.

Abi Natur Pipes