Abi Natur Ramses # 1038


A superb Ramses. Who 1st created the Ramses, originally called Pharaoh, I am not sure but I think it was Dane. I have been Egypt six times and can say this shape definitely captures the sense and solidity of ancient Egypt sculpting. After you have seen the Sphinx, Pyramids, Pharaonic sculptings this shape is extremely accurate in evoking the feel of ancient Egyptian. The Arabic word for Egypt is MISR. SItter.

Measurements & Details:

Length: 6 3/8"/ 167 mm

Bowl Height: 1 7/8" / 148 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 3/4" / 44 mm

I.B.Dia: 13/16" / 20 mm

O.B.Dia: 2" / 51 mm

Weight: 3.05 oz / 87 gm

Stem: Vulcanite

Filter: None

Finish: Smooth

Briar: Calabria Bruyère 10 years aged,

Country: Montenegro