Castello 'Old Antiquari' Bent (KKKK) # 106


This deep sandblast natural Italianate Chubby bent is a very Castello/21st C. It shows its roots through the bowl with its definitive full bent origins. Ever so slight truncation of the bowl and its shorted shank evolve it to be a neo-classic "Chubby". Only Castello could have so wonderfully fused these two traditions. It is a full bodied pipe with thick walls, a copious bowl with a superb sandblast. Definitely set to deliver a long cool session. 

Measurements & Details:

Length: 4 5/8" / 116 mm

Bowl Height: 2" / 50 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 1/2" / 38 mm

I.B.Dia: 13/16" / 20 mm

O.B.Dia: 1 5/8" / 41 mm

Weight: 2.05 oz / 48 gm

Stem: Lucite

Country: Italy