Michael Parks G VI UnSmoked # US/C 9


This 'Swan' is a mini Magnum sized absolutely stunning pipe with high contrast grain. With pipes of this caliber Michael's reputation as a  'bespoke' pipemaker was established. His pipes are always in short supply because he never lets himself be rushed in his quest for beauty and perfection. Limiting his production to 70-80 pipes a year. 
The 'Swan' was a shape created by Dunhill in pre WWII era. They never made one in this size in smooth, to my knowledge. Michael has taken the classic that in its largest sizes was always a sandblast and created a remarkable smooth that follows the traditional lines as per the 'swan' shape while the bowl has very thick walls. All others I have seen were large & relatively slim straight on.
Michael seems to be saying here if we are making a big pipe let's have all its advantages. Big bowl, thick walls, long shank/stem (neck) to deliver a long cool smoke and will never be hot to hold plus let it be a work of briar art. Here he has succeeded in creating a 'masterpiece'.
This particular pipe was when big pipes were in demand and big blocks were reasonably available. Today to find large blocks like this is rare. Making this artwork even more unique.

Condition: UnSmoked 

Stamping:  PARKS VI AG 13 Canada (Grade 6 Year 2013)

Note: This is one the largest Parks pipes I have ever seen. It is large in very way with exceptionally thick walls. 3/4" / 16 mm. This is one to definitely deliver a long cool smoke.

Measurements & Details:

Length: 6 5/8 / 172 mm

Bowl Height: 2 3/4" /  71 mm

Bowl Depth: 2 3/8 / 61 mm

I.B.Dia: 15/16" / 24 mm

O.B.Dia: 2 3/8" / 61 mm

Weight: 6.15 oz / 175 gm

Stem: Vulcanite

Finish: Smooth

Country: Canada