S. Bang Denmark # EDG 5 mint *Latest*

S. Bang Grade "A" (made for the European market) & stamped with PH (in a circle that tell us it was made by Per Hansen and stamped S. Bang (arched over) Kobenhaven  (arched under) All S. Bang pipes are noted for the high definition and fine contrast in the grain. They undergo a double staining process to achieve that effect. The technique makes the grain leap from the bowl of the pipe, making well-grained wood become extra ordinary. The same coloring, however, will produce different results in different pieces of briar, making each pipe is truly individual.
This S. Bang is finished with Golden Contrast that brings out the intense tight grain with bottom being covered in birdseye. This pipe has been smoked 2-3 times. The condition is mint with no issues whatsoever.
Measurements & Details

Length: 5 3/4" / 146 mm

Bowl Height: 2" / 51 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 5/8" / 41 mm

I.B.Dia: 13/16" / 20 mm

Weight: 2.05 oz / 60 gm