Tatsuo Tajima Scallop # 4


Tatu # 4 - Every Tatu pipe exhibits the Japanese pipe aesthetic with its mix of curved and straight lines and always some asymmetry. This is probably the best pocket pipe I have seen that has a normal sized bowl. The top curve just behind the chamber is the exact position for your thumb. Extraordinarily comfortable. The pipe is almost deceptive in that the shape fools one into thinking it is a very small pipe, it isn't.

Measurements & Details

Length: 5 1/4" / 133 mm

Bowl Height: 2 1/4" / 57 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 5/8" / 41 mm

I.B.Dia: 3/4" / 19 mm

Weight: 2.25 oz / 64 gm

Stem: Vulcanite

Filter: None

Finish: Sandblast

Country: Japan