Abi Natur 2 New

Abi Natur makes 50-60 pipes a year and has been a full time pipe carver for over 25 years. We first introduced his pipes to the USA 12 years ago. Abi has never had enough pipe for us.

Each of Abi’s creations is named based on the idea that inspired him. He draws his ideas from literature, painting, sculpture and of course natural shapes on the seacoast of Bar, Montenegro where he lives.

This ancient land with 500 – 800 year old live Olive trees deeply roots him in the European artisan tradition. He makes one pipe at a time and finishes it before he starts another.

Abi works with both hand-picked Plateau-Bruyere briar blocks and Olive wood that he ages for 10+ years. Stems are hand cut Vulcanite and sometimes Lucite. Pipes2smoke is delighted to offer Abi’s pipes. To own an Abi Natur pipe is to is to acquire a unique work of art.