Benni Jørgensen

Benni Jørgensen has been making pipes since 1980. Being a pipe smoker he visited the W. Ø. Larsen shop in Copenhagen where he was intrigued by the craft of pipe making. He found out that Teddy Knudsen's workshop was few kilometers from his home. Benni visited him to watch and learn and he bought his first materials from Teddy. That is when their long lasting friendship began.

After 18 months he felt confident to show his pipes to W.Ø. Larsen. Larsen's immediately offered to buy all the pipes he could make. This deal lasted for over 15 years. He made straight grain pipes for W.Ø. Larsen, for 10 years as did Teddy Knudsen. When Teddy struck out on his own, Benni continued making pipes for W.Ø. Larsen, for another 5 years.

In 2000, Benni began selling his pipes under his own name; Benni pipes. Of his totally yearly production of 100-150 pipe the majority are sold in China.