Commonweal II

In 2021, we introduced our traditional English Commonweal pipes to mark our 20th year. Each from a bowl turned & aged by Les Woods of Ferndown with the blast, finishing etc. by Michael Parks. Tatsuo saw them and we chatted about them. That led us to think  whether  there was a way take the idea in a new direction. Could Tatsuo rework the bowls into a melding of the Japanese and English pipe aesthetic. Did this idea even make sense. We decided to try.

Tatsuo took his time until he saw in his mind’s eye what he felt, he could do with them. He took Les’ UK bowls and working within the constraints of the turned  bowls shapes began to feel his way forward. Slowly he reworked each bowl, hand cut each a Vulcanite stem, sandblasted most and finished them.

To our eyes this fusion of two very different pipe making traditions has brought forth  these unique expressions of the pipe.

Commonweal II p2s

Tatsuo 日本 / L.Wood