Davorin Morta # 21


An ELX size partially bent Dublin. A shape that lends itself to making larger pipes from the block(s).  Davorin being the pipemaker he is takes the Dublin shape and gives it a back keel on the bowls right side that continues along the shank. This pipe has very uniform dark brown/black coloring with consistent ring grain throughout. This pipe is large, well grained and colored. Simply a handsome piece.

Measurements & Details:

Length: 7" / 180 mm

Bowl Height: 1/2" / 64 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 3/4 / 44 mm

I.B.Dia: 7/8" / 22 mm

O.B.Dia: 2" / 51 mm

Weight: 4.45 oz / 126 gm

Stem: Vulcanite

Filter: None

Finish: Morta

Country: Croatia