Davorin Morta Full Bent # 32


A large size that pipe the stylistically combines concepts. The bowl is symmetrical and narrows where the shank begins and then flares out into a totally symmetrical thick shank with sloping back of the bowl. While brown black Morta natural color is well complemented by the tropical wood adornment the hand cut Vulcanite stem. Then surprisingly it is a perfect backside sitter. 

The two channels carved on either side works wonderfully as one fits your thumb goes and the other your index finger. Left or right handed. Never had a pipe that fit my hand this well.

A large sized Morta for a long cool dry smoke. 

Measurements & Details:

Length: 6" / 151 mm

Bowl Height: 2 " / 51 mm

Bowl Depth: 1 1/2" / 38 mm

I.B.Dia: 3/4" / 19 mm

O.B.Dia: 2 " / 51 mm

Weight: 3.4 oz / 98 gm

Stem: Lucite

Filter: None

Finish: Morta

Country: Croatia